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Disposable Vapes

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Flavors Available:
California Cherry
Watermelon Ice
Pink Bomb
Strawberry Banana

Tropical Island
peach pie
Pineapple coconut ice

Peach Mango Watermelon
Cantaloupe Apple
Passion Fruit 

Rainbow Clouds
o Pearl Grape
Blue Razz Ice
Tropical Rainbow Blast
Super Berry


  • Marlboro Golds (shorts & 100's)

  • Marlboro Silvers (shorts & 100's)

  • Marlboro Reds (shorts & 100's)

  • Marlboro Blacks (shorts)

  • Marlboro Menthols (shorts)

  • Newport 100's

  • Virginia Slims

  • Virginia Slims Superslims

  • Virginia Slims Menthol Silvers

  • Pall Mall 100's

  • Camel Crush Green & Blue

  • L&M Blue & Red

  • 305's Menthol Gold 100's

  • 305's Menthol 100's

  • 305's Full Flavor (100's & Kings)

  • American Spirits : Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, & Turquoise 

By Box:

  • Marlboro Golds (shorts)

  • Marlboro Silvers (shorts & 100's)

  • Marlboro Reds (100's)

  • Newport (shorts & 100's)

  • 305's Menthol Gold (100's)

  • 305's Menthol (100's)


The Good Stuff

  • 6oz Bags: Menthol Gold

  • 1 lb Bags: Silver, Tobacco, Red, Menthol gold, Menthol


  • 6 oz Bags: Regular & Silver

  • 1 lb Bags: Silver

Grabba Leaf:
Green & Gold Packs
Duccy's Fronto Leaf


Natural Leaf GG:

Dark Grabba Wraps

Gold Grabba Wraps

Gold Grabba Cigar Wraps

Groovy Leaf Wraps

Fire Leaf Premium Wraps
Grabba Leaf Wraps

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